Will Code for Drinks

Social event at ScrollBar, IT University of Copenhagen

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Will Code For Drinks is a social event hosted by ScrollBar at IT University of Copenhagen and Fredagscaféen at Institut for Datalogi, Aarhus Universitet. Teams of friends collaborate solving entertaining programming problems in return for free beverages at the bar.

With more than 150 teams participating, Will Code For Drinks is one of the largest programming events in Scandinavia. The problems are constructed to be attractive for newcomers, the atmosphere is extremely relaxed, and participants are encouraged to help each other with problem solving, debugging, or basic programming language or computer issues. Assistants are available and eager to help at all times during the event. The focus is on problem solving, social interaction within and among teams, programming, confidence-building, and fun.

Unlike many similar events, Will Code For Drinks is not a competition—there are no prizes to win for programming skills and there is no awards ceremony.

Who is this for?

The event should be entertaining and meaningful for programmers at every skill level: Even if you have zero confidence in your own programming ability, we promise that you’ll get at least one problem done. On the other hand, the harder problems should be enough to keep experienced programmers busy. Don’t expect to solve all problems; aim at two or three.

The target participants are first-year students with a few months of introductory programming under their belt, and who have never participated in something like this. Some of the problems are easy enough even for Computer Science professors!

Next event

Will Code For Drinks 2022 will take place on 11 November 2022, 16–19.

(No) Preparation

No formal preparation is required, you can show up at the last minute. However:


Here’s how to have the most fun:

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